16-25 Nov 2018

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Closed Forum Presents The Journey

Fri 16 – Sun 25 Nov, Available throughout the festival. Artist Talk 23 Nov, 6pm, Geeks Room CIC Unit 32, 3 Bramley Shopping Centre

12Geeks Room CIC

Unit 32, 3 Bramley Shopping Centre, Leeds LS13 2ET

Please note, The Journey artist talk on 23 Nov is now full, email us if you would like to be on a waiting list. You can still try The Journey interactive experience at closedforum.co.uk

The Journey is an interactive experience that takes place on your mobile phone. It leads you on a trip (by bus) around Leeds. The path of your journey, the story told and the end are determined by your decisions and interactions. Made by artist Matt Allen, The Journey looks at the history of Leeds, the impact that people can have on the world and the anxiety that can be caused by it. 

The Journey is first of a series of interactive artworks created by Leeds-based artist Matt Allen. The Journey is hosted on a website and an audience is able to access it at any time, from any place, but to participate in The Journey you have to travel around the city of Leeds as the narrative unfolds. The story is written in html code, to create branching pathways where the participants decisions change the narrative based on pre-written texts by the author.

Currently it is in open beta, which means that anyone can access it and try it out right now! But it also means that it is still being developed and changed, new ideas and interactions are being added to it. Matt would love you to try it out and then give him your feedback.

For November, Matt will create a new version, one that only takes you to Bramley, LS13 Leeds and explores the local area and its history.

As part of Compass Festival, you can meet Matt Allen on 23 Nov to discuss the project and give him your feedback. You'll need to book a place for the artist talk using the form above.

Try The Journey at closedforum.co.uk

Would like to meetPublic House

Festival Welcome

  • Fri 16 Nov

    1Crowd of Favours

6pm |

The Journey
Closed Forum Presents

  • Fri 16 – Sun 25 Nov

    12Geeks Room CIC

Available throughout the festival. Artist Talk 23 Nov, 6pm, Geeks Room CIC Unit 32, 3 Bramley Shopping Centre |

Public House
Etheridge & Persighetti

  • Fri 16 – Sun 25 Nov

    1Crowd of Favours

Launch event: Fri 16 Nov, 7pm
Beer Glasses available throughout the festival, along Kirkgate |

Walking : Holding
Rosana Cade, Charlie Cauchi and Claire Nolan

  • Sat 17 Nov

    4Leeds Art Gallery

Film screening, 3pm | (45mins followed by Q&A)

Four Legs Good
Jack Tan

  • Sat 17 – Sat 24 Nov

    3Leeds Town Hall

Exhibition 17-24 Nov
Day of live court hearings Sat 24 Nov, 1pm-6.30pm |

Would like to meet

  • Sat 17 – Sun 25 Nov

    2St. Peter’s Mount

Open all day |

Image of voting box in City Square

Measures of Us
Redhawk Logistica

  • Mon 19 – Sat 24 Nov

    5aLeeds City Square

  • Mon 19 – 23 Nov


  • Mon 19 – 23 Nov


  • Mon 19 – 23 Nov


  • Mon 19 – 23 Nov


  • Mon 19 – 23 Nov


  • Mon 19 – 23 Nov


Neighbourhood Voting: Mon 19 – Fri 23 Nov
City Centre Exhibition: Sat 24 Nov, 12pm - 7pm. Artist talk 4pm | , FREE

Steam of Life
Joonas Berghäll and Mika Hotakainen

  • Thu 22 Nov

    11North Star Coffee Roastery

Doors and food 6.30pm. Film screening 7pm (80mins) |

1000 Handshakes
Sarah Caputo & Brenda Unwin

  • Thu 22 – Sat 24 Nov

    6Leeds City Bus Station

10am-7pm | , FREE

The Demolition Project
Debbie Kent & Alisa Oleva

  • Fri 23 – Sat 24 Nov

    7Leeds Kirkgate Market

10am - 4pm, Artist talk Sat 24 Nov, 4pm |

Bethany Wells

  • Fri 23 – Sun 25 Nov

    9Leeds Dock (outside Primal Gym)

1pm-9pm | Bring your own towel or borrow one of ours. Changing rooms, lockers and showers are available., FREE

French & Mottershead

  • Sat 24 – Sun 25 Nov

    8Leeds Dock

Hourly sailings between 12-8pm |

Critical Writing Workshop
Diverse Actions

  • Sun 25 Nov

    10Live Art Bistro

11am–1pm |

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